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This section of the site is intended to serve merely as a repository of data which I find to be interesting . . . it is thus a somewhat haphazard agglomeration, a work in progress, and a low-priority section.

Be it an examination of an oft-seen vessel or a quick look at a once-noted bit of minutiae, there is a great deal of information which just can't readily be squeezed into the rest of the site, but may be of utility all the same.  This is where I'm putting it.

At present, there's not really enough to justify arranging it, so this index is in no particular order.  

Other Points and errata

Random Minutiae

The Star of a "Strange New World"

Enterprise Chronology:  Early Season One

IaMD Defiant Biographies:  Sussman's report of the text visible on Defiant screens regarding Archer and Sato in "In a Mirror, Darkly, Pt. II"[ENT4]

"The Borg Have Been Busy":  Ruminations on the Collective, its History, and its Expansion

The Cardassian Conflict Section (in progress)

History:  Setlik III

Data from Pathways

Data from Mosaic


Starships (in progress)

Defiant Class Starship Overview

Capabilities of the NX Class Starship

Sydney Class Starship Overview

J-Class Cargo Ship Features

The Fifth (and Sixth?) Torp Launchers of the Intrepids

The Size of Deep Space Nine

Star Wars Chronology

The Republic Navy, 990 CE

Star Wars Orders of Magnitude