The Viacom Subsidiary List

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Subsidiaries of Viacom Inc. are listed below.

1020917 Ontario Inc.

13 Radio Corporation

14 Hours Productions Inc.

1554994 Ontario Inc

176309 Canada Inc.

24th Floor Inc.

2gether Productions Inc.

37th Floor Productions Inc.

38th Floor Productions Inc.

4400 Productions Inc.

5555 Communications Inc.

559733 British Columbia Ltd.

730806 Alberta Ltd.

730995 Ontario Inc.

779991 Ontario Inc.

90210 Productions, Inc.

950931 Ontario Inc.

A.S. Payroll Company

Aaron Spelling Productions, Inc.

Abaco Farms, Limited

Addax Music Co., Inc.

Aetrax International Corporation

After School Productions Inc.

Agency Films Inc.

Ages Electronics, Inc.

Ages Entertainment Software, Inc.

Alfie Films Inc.

All About Productions LLC

All Media Inc.


Amadea Film Productions, Inc.

Amanda Productions Inc.

Amazing Race Productions Inc.

Amber Productions Inc.

Ananda Lewis Show Inc., The

Anastasia Advertising Art, Inc.

Animated Productions Inc.

Antics G.P. Inc.

Antics Inc.

A-R Acquisition Corp.

Are We Having Fun Yet? Productions

Around the Block Productions, Inc.

Artcraft Productions Inc.

Aspenfair Music, Inc.

Atlanta Bus Shelters

Atlantic Prospect, Inc.

ATR Films Inc.

Audio House, Inc., The

Avery Productions Inc.

BAPP Acquisition Corp.

Bardwire Inc.

Bay County Energy Systems, Inc

Bay Resource Management, Inc.

Belhaven Limited

BET Acquisition Corp.

BET Animations, LLC

BET Arabesque, LLC

BET Comic View, LLC

BET Creations, Inc.

BET Development Company

BET Documentaries, LLC

BET Event Productions, LLC

BET Grilled, LLC

BET Holdings Inc.

BET Innovations Publishing, Inc

BET International, Inc.

BET Live From LA, LLC

BET Live Production, LLC

BET Music Soundz, Inc.

BET Oh Drama!, LLC

BET Pictures II Development & Production, Inc.

BET Pictures II Distribution, Inc.

BET Pictures II, LLC

BET Productions II Inc.

BET Publications, LLC

BET Radio, L.L.C.

BET Satellite Services, Inc.

BET Services, Inc.

BET Sheryl & Friends, LLC

BET Television Productions, LLC

BET The Way We Do It, LLC

Beta Theatres Inc.

Beverlyfax Music, Inc.

Big Shows Inc.

Big Ticket Music Inc.

Big Ticket Pictures Inc.

Big Ticket Productions Inc

Big Ticket Television Inc.

Black Entertainment Television, Inc.

Black Rock Enterprises, Inc.

Blackout Productions Inc.

Bling Productions Inc.

Blue Cow Inc.

BN Productions Inc.

Bombay Hook Limited

Bonneville Wind Corporation

Box Italy LLC, The

Box Worldwide LLC, The

Brainpool TV GmbH AG Koln

Branded Productions Inc.

Bronson Gate Film Management GmbH

Bruin Music Company

Butterick Road Productions Inc.

C & W Land Corporation

C-28 FCC Licensee Subsidiary, LLC

C-34 FCC Licensee Subsidiary, LLC

Cania Productions Inc.

Cape Cross Studio/Filmlicht GmbH

Capital Equipment Leasing Limited

Caroline Film Productions, Inc.

CATV Enterprises, Inc.

CBS Broadcast International Asia Inc.

CBS Broadcast International B.V.

CBS Broadcast International of Canada, Ltd.

CBS Broadcast Services Limited

CBS Broadcasting Inc.

CBS Cable Networks, Inc.

CBS Canada Co.

CBS Dallas Media, Inc

CBS Dallas Ventures, Inc.

CBS FMX Stereo, Inc.

CBS Mass Media Corporation

CBS News Communications Inc.

CBS Overseas Inc.

CBS Services Inc.

CBS Sports Asia Inc.

CBS Sports Inc.

CBS Stations Group of Texas L.P.

CBS Survivor Productions, Inc.

CBS Technology Corporation

CBS TeleNoticias do Brasil Ltda.

CBS Television Stations Inc.

CBS Worldwide Inc.

Central Fidelity Insurance Company

Centurion Satellite Broadcast Inc.

CG Films Inc.

Channel 28 Television Station, Inc.

Channel 34 Television Station, Inc.

Chazo Productions Inc.

CI Productions Inc.

Cinema Dominicana S.A.

Cinematic Arts B.V.

City Outdoor Levante S.R.L. (in liquidation)

Classless Inc

Climate Productions Inc.

Cloverleaf Productions Inc.

CMT Productions Inc.

Columbia Television, Inc.

Columbus Circle Films Inc.

Comedy Partners

Comfort Films Inc., Inc.

Communities IP Holdings, Inc.

Communities LP Holdings, Inc.

Compelling Music Corporation

Core Productions Inc.

Country Entertainment, Inc.

Country Music Television, Inc.

Country Network Enterprises, Inc., Inc.

Cover Productions Inc.

Cradle of Life Productions LLC

CVV (Japan) B.V.

Danielle Productions LLC

DC Films Inc.

Defenders Productions Inc.

 Blue Steel Inc.

 Resource Beneficiary, Inc.

 Resource Lessee Trust

 Resource Management, Inc.

Design-Graphics, Inc.

Desilu Productions, Inc


Direct Court Productions, Inc.

Direct Production Group Inc.

Distribuidara de Publicidad Exterior Dipex SA


Dutchess Resource Management, Inc.

Dynamic Soap, Inc.

e-tv Internet Produktions- und Vermarktungs GmbH

Eagle Direct Inc.

Eighth Century Corporation

Elite Productions Inc.

Elysium Productions Inc.

Emily Productions LLC

Energy Development Associates, Inc.

Ensign Music Corporation

EPI Music Company

Erica Film Productions, Inc.

Etablissements Pegouret SA

ET Media Group Inc.

Evergreen Programs, Inc.

EWB Corporation

Eye Explorations Inc.

Eye Net Works Inc.

Eye Productions Inc.

Failure to Launch Productions LLC

Famous Music Corporation

Famous Music Publishing Germany GmbH & Co KG

Famous Music Publishing Limited

Famous Orange Productions Inc.

Famous Players Films Inc.

Famous Players International B.V.

Famous Players Investments B.V.

Famous Players Media Inc.

Famous Music Publishing France SARL

Festival Inc.

Film Intex Corporation

Filmcraft Productions Inc.

Films Paramount S.A.

Forty-Fourth Century Corporation

Four Brothers Films Inc.

Four Crowns, Inc.

French Street Management Inc.

Fried Worms Productions Inc.

Front Street Management Inc.

Futa B.V.

Future General Corporation

G & W Leasing Company

Games Animation Inc.

Games Brands Inc.

Games Exchange Inc.

Games Productions Inc.

Gateway Fleet Company

GC Productions Inc.

GFB Productions Inc

Giraudy Viacom Outdoor S.A.

Gladwin of Indiana, Inc.

GLD Holdings L.L.C.

Glendale Property Corp.

Global Film Distributors B.V.

Glory Productions Inc.

GNS Productions Inc.

Go Outdoor Systems Holdings S.A.S.

Golden Communications, Inc.


Gorgen, Inc.

Grace Productions LLC

Grammar Productions Inc.

Gramps Company, Inc., The

Granite Productions, Inc.

Great American Entertainment Motion Pictures, Inc.

Great American Entertainment Television, Inc.

Green Tiger Press, Inc.

Grundstueck-Verwaltungsgesellschaft Genfer Strasser MBH (in liquidation)

GS Films Inc.

Gulf & Western do Brasil Limitada

Gulf & Western Indonesia, Inc.

Gulf & Western International N.V.

Gulf & Western Limited

Hamilton Projects, Inc.

Haunted Productions Inc.

Heartland Productions Inc.

Hemisphere Broadcasting Corporation

Hey Yeah Productions Inc.

HFM Productions Inc.

High Command Productions Limited

Hit Radio, Inc.

House of Yes Productions Inc.

HTL Productions Inc.

Image Edit, Inc.

Imagine Radio, Inc.

IMR Acquisition Corp.

INFCO Network Inc.

Infinity Broadcasting Corporation

Infinity Broadcasting Corporation of Atlanta

Infinity Broadcasting Corporation of Baltimore

Infinity Broadcasting Corporation of Boston

Infinity Broadcasting Corporation of Chesapeake

Infinity Broadcasting Corporation of Chicago

Infinity Broadcasting Corporation of Detroit

Infinity Broadcasting Corporation of Florida

Infinity Broadcasting Corporation of Glendale

Infinity Broadcasting Corporation of Illinois

Infinity Broadcasting Corporation of Los Angeles

Infinity Broadcasting Corporation of Maryland

Infinity Broadcasting Corporation of Michigan

Infinity Broadcasting Corporation of Northern California

Infinity Broadcasting Corporation of Philadelphia

Infinity Broadcasting Corporation of Tampa

Infinity Broadcasting Corporation of Texas

Infinity Broadcasting Corporation of Washington

Infinity Broadcasting Corporation of Washington, D.C.

Infinity Broadcasting East Holdings Corporation

Infinity Broadcasting East Inc.

Infinity Broadcasting Partner I Inc.

Infinity Broadcasting Radio Tower Inc.

Infinity Holdings Corp. of Chesapeake

Infinity Holdings Corp. of Massachusetts

Infinity Holdings Corp. of Orlando

Infinity KFRC-AM Inc.

Infinity KFRC-FM, Inc.

Infinity Media Corporation

Infinity Network, Inc.

Infinity Outdoor of Florida Holding Co.

Infinity Outdoor of Florida, Inc

Infinity Promotions Group Inc.

Infinity Radio Holdings, Inc.

Infinity Radio Inc.

Infinity Radio of Cleveland Inc.

Infinity Radio of Portland Inc.

Infinity Radio of Sacramento Inc.

Infinity Radio of San Jose Inc.

Infinity Technical Services Inc.

Infinity Texas Partner II Inc.

Infinity Ventures, Inc

Infinity WLIF, Inc.

Infinity WLIF-AM, Inc.

Infinity WOAZ-FM, Inc.

Infinity WPGC (AM), Inc.

Inside Edition Inc.

International Overseas Film Services, Inc.

International Overseas Productions, Inc.

International Raw Materials Limited

Intersales B.V.

Interstitial Programs Inc

Invision Holdings B.V.

Irvine Games Inc.

Irvine Games USA Inc.

Jerry's Outdoor Advertising, Inc.

Jiffy Billboards, Inc.

Joseph Productions Inc.

Jumbo Ticket Songs Inc.

Just U Productions, Inc.

Justice Productions Inc.

Kindernet C.V.

Köln Comedy Festival GmbH

K.W.M. Inc.

King World Animation Inc.

King World Corporation

King World Development Inc.

King World Direct Inc.

King World Media Sales Inc.

King World Merchandising, Inc.

King World Productions, Inc.

King World Studios West Inc.

King World/CC Inc.

King World/LR Inc.

Kings Island Company

KUTV Holdings, Inc.

KW Development Inc.

KWP Studios Inc.

KWTS Productions Inc

L23 Productions Inc.

Ladies Man Productions USA Inc.

Large Ticket Songs Inc.

Last Holiday Productions LLC

Laurel Entertainment, Inc.

LDI Limited

Level Nine Productions Inc.

Levitt Property Managers, Inc.

Lisarb Holding B.V.

List Productions Inc.

Long Road Productions

Longest Yard Productions Inc.

Low Key Productions Inc.

LS Productions Inc

Maarten Investerings Partnership

Magic Hour Productions, Ltd.

Magic Molehill Productions, Inc.

Magical Motion Pictures Inc.

Magicam, Inc.

Marathon Holdings Inc.

Mars Film Produzione S.P.A. (in liquidation)

Martha Productions Inc.

Matlock Company, The

Mattalex Corporation

Maxmedia, Inc.

Mea Culpa Mediaverwert GmbH

Mea Culpa TV Produktions GmbH

Media Trend S.R.L.

Mega Publicidad Exterior SL

Melrose Productions Inc

Meredith Productions LLC

Merlot Film Productions, Inc

Merritt Inc.

Metro Poster Advertising Limited

Metrobus Advertising Limited

MG Films Inc.

Michaela Productions Inc

Mischief New Media Inc.

Mobi Espace S.A.R.L.

MTV Animation Inc.

MTV Asia Development Company Inc.


MTV Asia Ownership One LDC

MTV Asia Ownership Two LDC

MTV Asia Ventures (India) Pte. Ltd.

MTV Asia Ventures Co.

MTV Australia Inc.

MTV Channel Espana SL

MTV Europe

MTV Hong Kong Limited

MTV India Development Company Inc.


MTV Networks AB

MTV Networks Argentina LLC

MTV Networks Argentina Srl

MTV Networks Australia Pty Ltd

MTV Networks B.V.

MTV Networks Belgium BVBA

MTV Networks Beteiligungen GmbH

MTV Networks Company

MTV Networks de Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V.

MTV Networks Enterprises Inc.

MTV Networks Europe Inc.

MTV Networks Global Services Inc.

MTV Networks GmbH & Co OHG

MTV Networks India Private Limited

MTV Networks Japan B.V.

MTV Networks Latin America Inc.

MTV Networks Ltda

MTV Networks On Campus Inc.

MTV Networks Productions B.V.

MTV Networks SARL

MTV Networks Shopping Inc.

MTV Networks South Africa Inc.

MTV Networks Srl

MTV Networks Verwaltung GmbH

MTV Radio Productions Limited

MTV Russia Holdings Inc.


MTV Songs Inc.

MTV Taiwan LDC


MTVi Group, Inc., The

MTVi Group, L.P., The

MTVN Direct Inc.

MTVN Online Inc.

MTVN Online Partner I Inc.

MTVN Online Partner I LLC

MTVN Shopping Inc.

MTVN Video Hits Inc.

Music By Nickelodeon Inc.

Music By Video Inc. Sports Inc.

Nanobot Productions Inc.

National Advertising Company

Network Enterprises, Inc.

Network Talent, LLC

Neutronium Inc.

New York Subways Advertising Co., Inc.

Newdon Productions

Nick At Nite's TV Land Retromercials Inc.

Nickelodeon Animation Studios Inc.

Nickelodeon Asia Holdings Pte. Ltd.

Nickelodeon Australia Inc.

Nickelodeon Brasil Inc.

Nickelodeon Brazil Ltda.

Nickelodeon Direct Inc.

Nickelodeon France SAS

Nickelodeon Global Network Ventures Inc.

Nickelodeon Huggings U.K. Limited

Nickelodeon International Ltd.

Nickelodeon Magazines Inc.

Nickelodeon Management Pte. Ltd.

Nickelodeon Movies Inc.

Nickelodeon Notes Inc.

Nickelodeon Online Inc.

Nicki Film Productions, Inc.

Night Falls Productions Inc.

North Shore Productions Inc.

Now Pentagon Production Inc.

NTA Films, Inc.

NTA, Inc.

Number One FSC Ltd.

NV Broadcasting (Canada) Inc.

NV International, Inc.

O & W Corporation

O Good Songs Company

OM/TV Productions Inc.

On-Site Productions Inc.

Open Door Productions Inc.

OS Bus, Inc.

OS Florida, Inc.

OSI Tall Wall Media, LLC

Our Home Productions Inc.

Outatown Productions Inc.

Outdoor Communications, Inc.

Outdoor Entertainment, Inc.

Outdoor Images Limited

Outdoor Management Network, Inc.

Outdoor Systems (New York), Inc.

Outdoor Systems Electrical Corp.

Outdoor Systems, Inc.

Overseas Services B.V.

Paramount (PDI) Distribution Inc.

Paramount Advertiser Services Inc.

Paramount Asia Inc.

Paramount British Pictures Limited

Paramount Canadian Productions, Inc.

Paramount Comedy Channel Espana S.L.

Paramount Communications Technology Group Inc.

Paramount Digital Entertainment Inc.

Paramount Entertainment Services Inc

Paramount Film Production (Deutschland) GmbH

Paramount Films B.V.

Paramount Films of Australia Inc.

Paramount Films of China, Inc.

Paramount Films of Egypt, Inc.

Paramount Films of India, Ltd.

Paramount Films of Italy, Inc.

Paramount Films of Lebanon, Inc.

Paramount Films of Pakistan Ltd.

Paramount Films of Southeast Asia Inc.

Paramount General Entertainment Australia Inc.

Paramount Home Entertainment (Australasia) Pty. Ltd.

Paramount Home Entertainment (Brazil) Limitada

Paramount Home Entertainment (Denmark) I/S

Paramount Home Entertainment (France) S.A.S.

Paramount Home Entertainment (Germany) GmbH

Paramount Home Entertainment (Italy) SRL

Paramount Home Entertainment (Japan) Ltd.

Paramount Home Entertainment (Korea) Ltd

Paramount Home Entertainment (Mexico) S de RL de CV

Paramount Home Entertainment (Mexico) Services S de RL de CV

Paramount Home Entertainment (New Zealand) Ltd.

Paramount Home Entertainment (Norway) ANS

Paramount Home Entertainment (Spain) S.L.

Paramount Home Entertainment (Sweden) AB

Paramount Home Entertainment (UK)

Paramount Home Entertainment B.V.

Paramount Home Entertainment Inc.

Paramount Home Entertainment International (Holdings) B.V.

Paramount Home Entertainment International B.V.

Paramount Home Entertainment International Limited

Paramount Images Inc.

Paramount International Netherlands B.V.

Paramount Italy SrL

Paramount LAPTV Inc.

Paramount Music Corporation

Paramount Overseas Productions, Inc.

Paramount Parks Experience Inc.

Paramount Parks Inc.

Paramount Parks International B.V.

Paramount Pay TV Limited

Paramount Pictures Australia Pty. Limited

Paramount Pictures (Canada) Inc.

Paramount Pictures Canada Distribution Inc.

Paramount Pictures (U.K.) Limited.

Paramount Pictures Corporation

Paramount Pictures Corporation (Canada) Inc.

Paramount Pictures Louisiana Production Investments LLC

Paramount Pictures Productions Australia Pty Limited

Paramount Production Support Inc.

Paramount Productions Service Corporation

Paramount Productions Inc.

Paramount Show Services International LDC

Paramount Television International Services, Ltd.

Paramount Television Limited

Paramount Television Service, Inc.

Paramount UK Partnership

Paramount Worldwide Productions Inc.

Para-Sac Music Corporation

Park Court Productions, Inc.

Part-Time Productions Inc.

PCI Canada Inc.

PCI Network Partner II Inc.

PCI Network Partner Inc.

Peak FSC, Ltd.

Peanut Worm Productions Inc.

Pentagon Productions Inc.

Peppercorn Productions, Inc.

Perfect Score Films Inc.

Pet II Productions Inc.

PF Films Inc.

Platinum Television Productions Inc.

PMV Productions Inc.

Pocket Books of Canada Ltd.

Pop Channel Productions Inc.

Pop Culture Productions Inc.

Pop Toons Inc.

Possum Point Incorporated

Pottle Productions, Inc.

PPC Film Management GmbH

Premiere House, Inc.

Preye, Inc.

Preview Investments B.V.

Proxy Music Corporation

PSG of PHA Inc.

PT Productions Inc.

Publishing FSC Ltd.

R.G.L. Realty Limited

Radford Studio Center Inc.

Radio Data Group, Inc.

Raianna Productions Inc.

Rat Race USA Inc.

Raven Media LLC

Real TV Music Inc.

Reality Check Productions Inc.

Recovery Ventures Inc.

Regional Asia Investments Ventures Pte. Ltd.

Remote Productions Inc.

Republic Distribution Corporation

Republic Entertainment Inc.

Republic Pictures Corporation of Canada Ltd.

Republic Pictures Enterprises, Inc.

Republic Pictures Netherlands Antilles N.V.

Republic Pictures Productions, Inc.

RH Productions Inc.

Ripple Vale Holdings, Limited

ROA Media Corp.

Roadshow Advertising Limited

Rocks, Inc.

RR Films Inc.

RTV News Inc.

RTV News Music Inc.

RWS Productions Inc.

S Media Vision AG

Sagia Productions Inc.

Salm Enterprises, Inc.

Sammarnick Insurance Corporation New York

San Francisco Walls, Inc.

SBX Acquisition Corp.

Satellite Holdings Inc.

Scarab Publishing Corporation

Scott-Mattson Farms, Inc.


Season Four Sentinel Productions Inc.

Season Three Soul Food Productions Inc.

Season Three Seven Days Productions Inc.

Season Three Viper Productions Inc.

Season Two CI Productions Inc.

Season Two Seven Days Productions Inc.

Season Four Soul Food Productions Inc.

Sentinel Productions Inc.

Servicios Administrativos Amercia S. de R.L. de C.V.

Servicios Para Empresas de Entretenimiento, S. de R.L. de C.V.

Servicios Westinghouse De Chile Ltda

SF Films Inc.

SFI Song Company

Ship House, Inc.

Show Works Productions Inc.

Showtime Live Entertainment Inc.

Showtime Marketing Inc.

Showtime Networks Inc.

Showtime Networks Inc. (U.K.)

Showtime Networks Middle East Inc.

Showtime Networks Satellite Programming Company

Showtime Online Inc.

Showtime Pictures Development Company

Showtime Satellite Networks Inc.

Showtime UK Holdings Limited

Showtime Ventures Limited

Showtime/Sundance Holding Company Inc.

SIFO One Inc.

SIFO Two Inc.

Signways Holdings Limited

Simon & Schuster (Australia) Pty. Limited

Simon & Schuster (U.K.) Limited

Simon & Schuster Global Services Inc.

Simon & Schuster International Inc.

Simon & Schuster of Canada (1976) Ltd.

Simon & Schuster, Inc.

Skaroo Productions Inc.

Sky Blue Investments, Limited

SNI Development Corp.

Snow Day Productions Inc.

Soapmusic Company

SonicNet L.L.C.

SongFair Inc.

Space TV AG

Spelling Daytime Songs Inc.

Spelling Daytime Television Inc.

Spelling Entertainment Group Inc.

Spelling Entertainment Inc.

Spelling Films Inc.

Spelling Films Music Inc.

Spelling Pictures Inc.

Spelling Satellite Networks, Inc.

Spelling Television (Canada) Inc.

Spelling Television Inc.

Spelling Television Quebec Inc., Inc., Inc.

SportsLine Europe Limited

SportsLine UK Limited

Starfish Productions Inc.

Stargate Acquisition Corp.

Stargate Acquisition Corp. One

State of Mind Inc.

STLD Productions Inc.

Stranglehold Productions, Inc.

Streak Productions Inc.

Street Information Systems, Inc., The

SU 2 Productions Inc.

Sunn Classic Pictures, Inc.

Sunset Beach Productions, Inc.

Superstar Productions USA Inc.

T & R Payroll Company

Talent Court Productions, Inc.

TC Productions Inc.

TDI (BP) Limited

TDI (FB) Limited

TDI Buses Limited

TDI France Holding SAS

TDI Holdings Limited

TDI International, Inc.

TDI Luxembourg Sarl

TDI Mail Holdings Limited

TDI Metro (NI) Limited

TDI Metro Limited

TDI Northwest, Inc.

TDI Transit Advertising Limited

TDI Worldwide, Inc.

Tecno System 2000 S.R.L.

Tele-Vu Ltee.

Texas Infinity Broadcasting L.P.

Texas Infinity Radio L.P.

The Box BV

The Music Source Inc.

They Productions Inc.

Things of the Wild Songs Inc.

Thinner Productions, Inc.

Third Century Company

Thirteenth Century Corporation

Thirtieth Century Corporation

Timeline Films Inc.

Titus Productions, Inc.

TMI International B.V.

TMRG, Inc.

TNN Classic Sessions, Inc.

TNN Productions, Inc.

Toe-To-Toe Productions Inc.

Torand Payroll Company

Torand Productions Inc.

Total Warehouse Services Corporation

TRF III Entertainment, Inc.

TSM Services Inc.

Tunes By Nickelodeon Inc.

TV Land Canada Holding Inc.

TV on tour Veranstaltungs GmbH

Two of Us Films Inc.

Two Productions, Inc.

U Just U Publishing, Inc.

U Music, Inc.

UCGI, Inc.

UGJ Productions Inc.

Universal American Corporation

Untitled Productions II LLC


UPN Holding Company, Inc.

UPN Properties, Inc.

UPN Stations Group Inc.

UPN Television Stations Inc.

Uptown Productions Inc.

Ureal Productions Inc.

VE Development Company

VE Drive Inc.

VE Television Inc.

VH-1 Television GmbH & Co OHG

VI Services Corporation

VIA Aircraft Management Inc.

Viacom A.G.

Viacom Animation of Korea Inc.

Viacom Asia Inc.

Viacom Brand Solutions Limited

Viacom Brazil Holdings Ltda.

Viacom Camden Lock Inc.

Viacom Canada Inc.

Viacom Canadian Productions Inc.

Viacom Communications Services, Inc.

Viacom Consumer Products Inc.

Viacom Corporate Services Inc.

Viacom DBS Inc.

Viacom (Deutschland) Beteiligungen GmbH

Viacom Employee Services Inc.

Viacom Enterprises Canada Ltd.

Viacom Executive Services Corporation

Viacom Express SpA

Viacom Film Funding Company Inc.

Viacom Finanz AG

Viacom First Run Development Company Inc.

Viacom First Run Limited

Viacom Global Services Inc.

Viacom Hearty Ha! Ha! LLC

Viacom Holdings Brasil Ltda

Viacom Holding (Germany) B.V.

Viacom Holdings (Germany) II B.V.

Viacom Holdings Germany LLC

Viacom IDA Inc.

Viacom International (Netherlands) B.V.

Viacom International Canada Ltd.

Viacom International Holdings B.V.

Viacom International Inc.

Viacom International Pty. Limited

Viacom Investments Inc.

Viacom IRB Acquisition Inc.

Viacom Japan Inc.

Viacom K-Band Inc.

Viacom Limited

Viacom Middle East Holdings VOF

Viacom Networks Europe Inc.

Viacom Networks Inc.

Viacom Networks Italia Limited

Viacom Notes Inc.

Viacom Outdoor Advertising Limited

Viacom Outdoor B.V.

Viacom Outdoor Group Inc.

Viacom Outdoor Holding Srl

Viacom Outdoor Inc.

Viacom Outdoor L.A. Inc.

Viacom Outdoor Limited

Viacom Outdoor Limited

Viacom Outdoor Mexico Inc.

Viacom Outdoor Mexico S. De R.L. de C.V.

Viacom Outdoor Norte SL

Viacom Outdoor Oy

Viacom Outdoor SA

Viacom Outdoor Sports Marketing Inc.

Viacom Outdoor Srl

Viacom Phoenix Inc.

Viacom Pictures Inc.

Viacom Pictures Movie Music Inc.

Viacom Pictures Overseas Inc.

Viacom Pictures Songs Inc.

Viacom PNW Sports Inc.

Viacom Productions Inc.

Viacom Radio Inc.

Viacom Radio Sales Company

Viacom Realty Corporation

Viacom Receivables Funding I Corporation

Viacom Receivables Funding II Corporation

Viacom Receivables Funding III Corporation

Viacom Retail Stores, Inc.

Viacom Satellite News Inc.

Viacom Services Inc.

Viacom Shopping Inc.

Viacom Songs Inc.

Viacom Stations Group of Detroit Inc.

Viacom Stations Group of Miami Inc.

Viacom Stations Group of Oklahoma City LLC

Viacom Stations Group of Philadelphia Inc.

Viacom Stations Group of Pittsburgh Inc.

Viacom Telecommunications (D.C.) Inc.

Viacom Television Stations Group of Dallas/Fort Worth L.P.

Viacom Television Stations Group of Los Angeles LLC

Viacom Television Stations Group of San Francisco Inc.

Viacom Television Stations Group Partner I Inc.

Viacom Television Stations Group Partner II LLC

Viacom Television Stations Inc.

Viacom Television Station WTCN LLC

Viacom Television Station WWHB LLC

Viacom Tunes Inc.

Viacom UK Limited

Viacom VHENO GmbH

Viacom World Wide Ltd.

Viacom/Westinghouse of PA Inc.

Via-Sac Music Inc.

Viper Productions Inc.

VISI Services Inc.

Visionair Television B.V.

VIVA Connect Gmbh

VIVA Fernsehen Gmbh

VIVA Hungary Z Broadcasting Company Ltd


VIVA Media GmbH

VIVA Plus GmbH

VIVA Polska VIVA TV Productions Sp.o.o.

VIVA Radio Beteiligungs GmbH

VJK Inc.

VNM Inc.

VP Direct Inc.

VP Programs Inc.

VSC Compositions Inc.

VSC Music Inc.

Waste Resource Energy, Inc.

WBCE Corporation


WCC Project Corp.

WD Productions Inc.

Western Row Properties, Inc.

Westinghouse (New Zealand) Limited

Westinghouse Aircraft Leasing Inc.

Westinghouse Asset Management Inc.

Westinghouse Beverage Group

Westinghouse Canada Holdings L.L.C.

Westinghouse CBS Holdings Company, Inc.

Westinghouse Corporate Services

Westinghouse Electric Corporation

Westinghouse Electric Europe Coordination Center SA

Westinghouse Electric GmbH, Birsfelden

Westinghouse Foreign Sales Corporation

Westinghouse Gulf Company LLC

Westinghouse Hanford Company

Westinghouse Holdings Corporation

Westinghouse Idaho Nuclear Company, Inc.

Westinghouse Investment Corporation

Westinghouse Licensing Corporation

Westinghouse Pictures, Inc.

Westinghouse Reinvestment Company L.L.C.

Westinghouse Wireless Communications Products, SRL de CV

Westinghouse World Investment Corporation

Westka Interactive GmbH i. L.

W-F Productions, Inc.

Wilshire Court Productions, Inc.

Wilshire Entertainment Inc.

Wilshire/Hauser Company

Wilson-Curtis, Inc.

Winning Productions Inc.

Woburn Insurance Ltd.

World Sports Enterprises

World Volleyball League, Inc.

Worldvision Enterprises France S.A.R.L.

Worldvision Enterprises (United Kingdom), Ltd.

Worldvision Enterprises de Venezuela

Worldvision Enterprises Latino-Americana, S.A.

Worldvision Enterprises of Canada, Limited

Worldvision Enterprises, GmbH

Worldvision Enterprises, Inc.

Worldvision Filmes do Brasil, Ltda.

Worldvision Foreign Sales Corporation

Worldvision Home Video, Inc.

Worldwide MSP Limited

Worldwide Productions, Inc.

WPIC Corporation

WT Animal Music Inc.

WT Productions Inc.

WV Productions, Inc.

WVI Films B.V.

Yellams LDC

York Resource Energy Systems, Inc.

Young Reader's Press, Inc.

YP Productions Inc.

Zarina 99 Vermogensverwaltungesellschaft GmbH

Zone Broadcasting Showtime (Turkey) Limited

Zoo Films LLC