Hyperdrive Speed Analyses

The Star Wars canon has generally remained quite silent about the actual speed of hyperdrive.  Sure, there's the old "point-five past lightspeed" comment in A New Hope, but that figure is so ridiculously low that it is generally ignored or rationalized by everyone, and rightly so.  Since the one actual speed figure is so awful, we're left to try to figure it out.  Deducing the speed of hyperdrive isn't hard at all, conceptually . . . we just need a definite distance and a definite travel time.  However, the act of getting such things (and both at the same time) out of Star Wars has generally been more difficult than finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.

In the following pages, careful analysis of the Star Wars canon allows us to determine the true speed of hyperdrive as canonically shown. 

     A look at hyperdrive speed in Attack of the Clones, during the Tatooine-Geonosis trip.

     A look at hyperdrive speed in Return of the Jedi, during the Sullust-Endor trip.

     A rough chart of the worlds of the SW canon.