Starfield FX Speeds in "Elaan of Troyius"[TOS]

(Created from the full-length episode as found in the VHS home video set. Time 00:00 is roughly when the episode actually starts, within a couple of seconds. I will try to name the shots used, since the TOS stock footage bin was heavily used and reused.)

Conventions:   If two effects shots are shown back to back, I will not
give a time for them, instead grouping them both under one timeslot.  If I
give a time for it, that means at least one other shot (like a bridge
scene) occurred between it and the shot before.

00:03 - Enterprise enters orbit in the standard rear shot.   Stars not
06:45 - Orbit shot.  Stars not moving.
7:00ish - Kirk orders Sulu to proceed to the other planet in the system at
"sublight point-zero-three-seven".   That's 11,092 kilometers per second,
if you're wondering.
11:17 - High forward shot of Enterprise, ship moving slowly relative to
camera.  Stars at moderate speed.
(sensor ghost found, starts to move closer, but not quickly)
14:01 - Klingon ship on the viewscreen.  This is the standard
stationary-relative-to-the-camera shot of the Klingon ship. 
Moderate-speed stars.
14:10 - Same "stationary shot" used above, but with a few faster stars. 
(I think in the whole "stationary shot" sequence stock footage the first
few seconds don't have many stars, then one or two zip past, but I don't
remember ever seeing the whole thing.)
14:15 - Enterprise passes.  Forward shot of the ship, camera below
centerline.  Fast stars.
            Then Klingon ship.  This shot has moderate-speed stars, and
the Klingon ship starts at the middle left of the screen and moves up and
to the right, until only her right nacelle is visible.   I call this the
"high pass".
            Spock (on Klingons):  "... pacing us, precisely matching our
sublight speed."
14:40 - Enterprise passes from left to right, broadside shot.    No moving
            Klingons pass left to right, broadside shot.   Stars moving
quickly right to left!
20:27 - Enterprise passes, one of the
below-centerline-toward-right-of-camera shots.  Stars moving fast.
            Klingon moderate-star-speed (mod) "high pass" reuse.
22:07 - Enterprise passes, fast stars.
            Klingon mod "high pass" reuse.
32:15 - Sulu reports Klingons have changed course, headed for Enterprise
at warp speed.
 - Beginning of 1st Pass -
32:30 - Klingon mod "high pass" shot is used on the viewscreen.
32:44 - Spock:  "Their speed is better than warp six, Captain."
33:16 - Klingons on the viewscreen, but this shot looks like they overlaid
the viewscreen on top of the mod "high pass", because the ship is moving
the same but seems a little larger.  Moderate speed stars, either way.
33:25 - Klingon "high pass" reuse on viewscreen, like we saw at 32:30.
33:46 - Sulu starts range callouts, saying 100,000km
33:52 - Klingon "high pass" reuse on viewscreen, first couple of seconds
of that shot.
34:02 - Klingon "high pass" reuse on viewscreen.  Next couple of seconds
of that shot.
34:07 - Klingon "high pass" reuse on viewscreen.  Last seconds of that
shot, with nacelle flyby.  Possible viewer overlay, as from 33:16, but
mod-speed stars either way.
36:35 - Scotty reports the converter assembly fused.  He's apparently
fixed the bomb, but they still can't go to warp because they need
dilithium crystals.  Theirs look burned.
39:26 - Klingon "stationary shot" on viewscreen.  Moderate speed stars.
 - 2nd pass begins and ends.  We do not see the Klingons. -
 - 3rd pass begins -
40:47 - Klingon "high pass" on viewscreen.
40:50 - Spock on Klingon speed:  "... greater than warp 7."
40:55 - Enterprise "wallow" pivot shot, from the right, focused on the
saucer.  Slow stars.
40:58 - Klingon fires.   Short shot from in front, slow stars.
 - 4th pass begins -
42:42 - Klingons, "high pass" on viewer.  First few seconds of shot.
42:50 - Same shot, a few more seconds.
42:53 - Enterprise turns to port.   Camera behind ship. Extra-fast stars.
            Klingon fires.  Front shot, slow stars.
 - 5th pass -
44:31 - Sulu:  "He's starting his run"
44:33 - Klingon "high pass" on viewer.
44:44 - Enterprise gets warp power.   Kirk:  "Prepare for warp maneuvers."
Still at sublight, though.
45:19 - Enterprise traveling.  Reuse of 11:17, mod stars.
            Klingon "high pass" reuse.  Reversed shot, so K passes right
            to left.  First few seconds of shot.
45:49 - Klingon "high pass" reuse reversed, a few more seconds of shot.
            Enterprise, forward shot.   Moderate to fast stars.
45:57 - Klingon "stationary shot", reversed.  Moderate speed stars.  Fires
from nacelles.
46:10 - Enterprise now goes to warp two pivot. "wallow" shot sped up,
moderate to fast stars.
            Klingon front shot, slow stars, firing.
46:22 - Enterprise fires torpedoes.  Standard firing shot, from the lower
right, looking up at the ship. Moderate star speed.
            Klingon "stationary shot" reversed on viewer.  Moderate stars.
Gets hit by torpedoes.
 - Klingons withdraw -
47:00 - Kirk:  "Resume course for Troyius"
47:08 - Fast Enterprise pass, camera in front of ship.  Fast stars.  Cuts
immediately to orbit entry shot, no moving stars.
48:44 - Enterprise in orbit.  No moving stars.
49:28 - "Warp two," says Kirk.   Standard departure shot, very slow stars.


Rough star speed groupings: Not moving, slow, moderate, fast

`Number of times "moderate" was used to show impulse: At least 9
`Number of times "moderate" was used to show warp: At least 6
(I left some out of the warp category where logic suggests the ship was still at warp, but Wayne Poe claimed it wasn't due to the effects. I counted as impulse@moderate the ones where Sulu was calling out range.)

`Number of times "slow" was used to represent impulse: 1, the wallow shot
`Number of times "slow" was used to represent warp: 1, warping out of orbit
(I left the Klingon third pass out, since Poe believed it to be proof of impulse, I think it isn't, but I wouldn't want either of us to beg the question)

`Number of times we saw the Klingon ship with fast stars: One, and it occurred at low impulse.
`Number of times "fast" was used to represent impulse: 6 or 7, including the one Klingon one above, and including the one Poe mysteriously claimed as the Enterprise going to warp with impulse engines. I didn't leave that one out.
`Number of times "fast" was used to represent warp: 1, assuming the Enterprise warped to Troyius and didn't resume her original speed when she resumed original course.

So, looking at the episode as a whole:

Fast stars = Impulse, maybe warp, but Impulse has the lead by several hundred percent.
Moderate stars = Warp or Impulse, Impulse has the lead by 50%
Slow stars = Warp or Impulse, 50-50

Well, hey, look at that. Sure looks consistent to me.

Actually, looking at what equals what above, it looks like the slower stars usually represent faster speeds, percentage-wise. :)