The "Animal Liberation Brigade"

The Animal Liberation Brigade is a collection of evil bastards.  Ah, but you're wondering just who the Brigade is composed of?   Well, I'd love to know, too . . . they are people who should be hunted down and excised from humanity, and I for one would be more than happy to do the deed.  Why do they piss me off?

First, some background reading is in order . . .

1.  Mercury News article on the San Francisco Bay Area bombings
(In short, it documents the fact that psychopaths with an animal rights agenda have been bombing property of companies related to Huntingdon Life Sciences, a company which researches pharmaceuticals, chemicals for use in agriculture and industry, and veterinary products.  Naturally, they have to perform animal testing, which the ALB considers evil.)

2.  Text of the Animal Liberation Brigade's threats against certain companies and the people who work for them
(Here we see the psychosis in its fullest flower, as they threaten lives and spew moronic ideals.  Note also how they try to associate themselves with more respectable groups, such as those who would wish to see rape victims get to punish the rapists.  Of course, being idiots, they also associate themselves with every warped piece of murderous flotsam to inhabit the planet.)

3.  HLB's self-description:
. . . and ethical issues page:

And now, the rant:

These nutjobs are only a hair away from killing or wounding someone, as a matter of practicality. As a matter of ideology, they've concluded that the people who kill their beloved animals should die, just like the murderous anti-abortion wackjobs.  They've even declared that innocents who don't do the deed should get it.

Researchers are using the animals for scientific research. There are plenty of controls in place in the modern era to prevent as much animal suffering as is possible. However, we must not forget:

1.  The company in question performs research regarding pharmaceuticals, agricultural and industrial chemicals, and products for veterinarians. (In the latter case, what the hell else besides animals are they supposed to test on?)

1a. Medicines and chemicals that can help mankind can also kill him, or damage the ecosystem. It is of paramount importance that we know of this before we start employing such things.

1b. Lab animals are not sapient. They do not feel or think as humans do, nor did our ancestors spend the past few million years struggling to survive so that idiots could think so.   Nevertheless, I agree that the animals should not be tormented, both for the animal's sake and, more importantly, because of the sort of human consciousness one can fashion when life is devalued in such a manner.

1c. Lab animals are not an ecological necessity. They are not roaming free, constituting some integral part of the environment that, if members are slain, will change the environment and eventually kill mankind. They're rats. In cages. In an air-conditioned lab.  Bred for that use anyway.

2. These are animals being experimented on in the place of humans. In a perfect world, we could know the effect of everything simply by computer; this is not a perfect world. If the discovery that some chemical causes cancer in a damned lab rat saves one life, it is more than worth it. If we have to sacrifice a thousand lab rats to learn how to feed an extra million humans, it is more than worth it.

3. To hell with those irrationalists who disagree. Perhaps if they applied themselves to helping end the need for animal testing, we wouldn't need to test on animals.

Look, I get as mushy as anyone else about some soft cuddly animal dying. But these aren't jackbooted Nazis torturing a puppy . . . these are humans trying to create that which humanity needs to thrive and grow.

Meanwhile, these fools are harming individuals. If they could force such companies to close, they would . . . if they could blow up every bit of property owned by anyone related to the operation, they would. They might not yet be willing to kill, but they will be eventually . . . they're already making the mental motions.

The fact is, though, they're already well on their way. They either do not realize or do not care that the work put in to that company, which gives people jobs, which allows them to have tools like cars, and necessities like shelter and food . . . they do not realize or do not care that these are the elements of human life.  They seek the destruction of those things.

The analogy to the classic Spoiled Rich Kids is perfect . . . the detachment from reality is the same. They live in a world where money and investments have no meaning, no relation to the exertions of hand and brain that have shaped the world we live in.

Those who are detached from reality see no connection between life and livelihood . . . they see no connection between a man who needs food and shelter and security, and the tools he uses to get it. They would destroy a farmer's crop and farming implements and expect him to somehow be okay . . . they would destroy the crop and expect those he hired to help work it to be okay . . . they would destroy the crop and expect those he sold it to to be okay. Theirs is a Magic McDonald's World wherein food just magically appears when you hand over the little meaningless pieces of green paper you didn't even have to earn because daddy gave it to you.

They will provide empty apologies when they hurt or kill someone by accident . . . no apologies at all when they do it intentionally.

To kill a man for any reason is a sad thing.  To kill a man because your perverse ideology
has somehow elevated the moral stature of vermin above that of mankind is
f-cking evil

If they kill, I say shoot the bastards . . . but my sense of poetic justice dictates that they be captured, tried by juries of their more rational peers, and, when found guilty, be offered a choice:

A. Death by excessive chemical testing, thereby allowing them to replace the animals they so adore and see why we use them in the first place.
B. Death by being covered in honey and other tasty flavorings, tied down, and introduced to a large number of hungry lab rats, to get a feel for what it is they were killing for.

In short, I'd just like to say the following (and though it seems lacking in eloquence, it gets the point across in few words . . . hopefully a small enough number that they will understand):

To the Animal Liberation Brigade:


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