A Solution to the Jedi Problem

Perhaps one of the most curious things we’d encountered in the Star Wars galaxy is the so-called Jedi.  These are beings with paranormal powers that use them for various purposes.  Generally, the Jedi use their powers for law enforcement, but Dark Jedi have been known to use their powers for anything  ranging from selfishness, to lawlessness.  Sith, an ancient offshoot and enemy of the Jedi (intermixed with Dark Jedi thousands of years ago, according to Section 31 sources) are almost completely dedicated to the destruction of modern civilization, and replacing it with the former glory of their own fallen Sith Empire.

What is the origin of these paranormal abilities?  An infection.  Yes, strange as it may seem, it is a mere bacterial infection.  In our own galaxy, in our own plane, there are many individuals with abilities that can be considered paranormal, however, they don’t generally come from bacteria and viruses.  For instance, many beings have brain components that serve the function of allowing them to tap into psychic/psionic energies, and to harness them toward certain purposes.  This could be a single task, or many tasks.  Vulcans and Betazoids are famous for this brain structure, but there are a considerable amount of Humans that are psychically gifted, as well.  It is also possible to train an individual with psychic potential to tap into it, and to use it.  There is also the explanation of ‘magic’.  Theoretically, this is the ability (through training, usually) to tap into ‘mystical’ energies through concentration, and to use these energies toward various purposes.  There are no known individuals that can do this; however, legends abound across thousands of worlds of those that could in centuries past.  Perhaps it is a ‘lost art’ (or at least one that is very difficult to find).

The midi-chlorian, though, is a very curious organism, and could very well be proof of ‘magic’, or a sort.  You see, it is very unlikely that thousands of species could be infected by the same bacteria, and have it affect them the same way.  For instance, what affects a Vulcan should not affect a Human the same way.  Vulcan physiology and Human physiology are almost completely North and South.

Midi-Chlorians  The Jedi have identified microscopic life forms that reside within all living cells, called midi-chlorians.  These tiny life forms communicate with the Force and reveal it’s will.  When one’ s mind is quiet, one can hear them speaking.  A high midi-chlorian count indicates great potential as a Jedi.

-Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace Scrapbook; the Ultimate Insider’s Guide to the Movie, “Midi-Chlorians”, pg.:  15.  Written by Ryder Windham.  “Sincerest thanks to the wonderful people at Lucas Licensing Ltd. and Random House Children’s Publishing for their work on this book”.  Lucy Autrey Wilson, Director of Publishing. 

Yet, allegedly, the midi-chlorian bacteria places the individual, regardless of species, into some form of mental communication with “the Force”, and allows them to know the “will” of the Force.  First of all, it must be clarified that the Force is not a sentient being, corporeal or non-corporeal.  It is merely an energy field that the Jedi and similarly trained beings tap into.  Any “will” they detect is either some form of wishful thinking, or them finding a way to insert what they think their “Force” wants of them.  It is even possible that various levels of schizophrenia are ancillary effects of the midi-chlorian bacteria.  The Force, as they call it, is nothing more than an energy field generated by living beings, nothing more.  The United Federation of Planets Starfleet has encountered thing that have had the ability to impart long-term paranormal abilities to beings that ingest it, or otherwise take it into their bodies.  The legendary Captain James Tiberius Kirk, commanding officer of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701, Constitution-class) made such a discovery, stardate:  5784.2, at planet Platonius (Star Trek, “Plato’s Stepchildren”, episode #67, written by Meyer Dolinsky.  Directed by David Alexander.  Stardate 5784.2) during the incident the UFP calls “Plato’s Stepchildren”.  By ingesting food containing the seemingly harmless naturally-occurring chemical kironide, this rare and powerful element imparted psychokinetic abilities.

Kironide.  Chemical compound found in the food on planet Platonius.  Kironide is along-lasting source of great power that when ingested, endows many humanoids with extraordinary psychokinetic powers.  The Platonians absorbed kironide into their bodies, giving hem such powers, although their servant Alexander was unable to do so.  (“Plato’s Stepchildren”, [TOS]).

The Star Trek Encyclopedia:  a Reference Guide to the Future (Updated & Expanded Edition), Kironide, pg.:  243.  Written by Michael Okuda and Denise Okuda with Debbie Mirek.

The limitations of kironide are clear.  Not all humanoids, but “many” are given any form of paranormal abilities by this chemical.  It also specifies “humanoids”, meaning that non-humanoids, more than likely, will not so benefit from this chemical.  And yet, it seems that very few species in the Star Wars galaxy are immune to this miraculous ‘universal bacteria’.  There are some exceptions, though, such as the Hutts, for instance.  Just as Dr. Leonard McCoy, ship’s surgeon of during the visit to Platonius was able to easily duplicate and concentrate kironide with what resources he had on hand, Section 31 has been easily able to obtain samples of the midi-chlorian bacteria and make in-depth studies that have eluded the technologies of the Star Wars galaxy.

Another example of a being that is not affected by the midi-chlorian is the humanoid species of the Yuuzhan Vong.  Exploration of their galaxy by United Federation of Planets Starfleet personnel under the aegis of Section 31 reveals that the midi-chlorian is virtually unheard of, there.  In addition, this also demonstrates some of the functions of the Force.  When detecting the Force, what the Jedi/Sith/Dark Jedi/etc. is actually detecting is the energy field emitted by the collective bacteria, themselves.  Beings with lower counts are much more difficult to detect, thus, and the Yuuzhan Vong do not show up in the Force due to the fact that their immune system does not allow the midi-chlorian a place to take root; they are, quite simply, immune to  “midi-chlorian disease”.  Hence, they cannot be detected by other Force-sensitives, as their bodies are not sheathed in these bacteria, which give off the form of radiation that they can detect.  Literally, the Yuuzhan Vong are not part of the Force.

Apparently, the midi-chlorian is a bacteria that comes in many different varieties.  The midi-chlorian that affects a Human and imparts paranormal powers is fundamentally different from the midi-chlorian that affects a Wookie in a like fashion.  Only when dealing with races that are closely enough genetically related will there be the probability of the bacteria jumping species.  Like the ancient AIDS virus, the midi-chlorian probably also mutates, which accounts for the change in abilities in some, and differences in abilities between those of similar/identical species and identical training.  Some are born infected with an active midi-chlorian bacteria that is slightly different from others’, allowing for such things as the exercise of paranormal abilities, consciously &/or unconsciously, while others cannot.  This has become a fairly prevalent bacteria, and exists in one form or another at most places throughout the Star Wars galaxy.  Section 31 has found fossilized evidence of midi-chlorians throughout the strata of many millions of worlds, both inhabited and uninhabited.  Worlds where there was a sharp down-spike in the concentration of the bacteria show an even greater rarity of Jedi and potential Jedi.  Additionally, not all varieties of the midi-chlorian are capable of facilitating the exercise of paranormal powers; this variety is actually quite rare.

Though curious, this certainly isn’t anything any stranger than anything else the UFP Starfleet has encountered over the centuries; the Enterprise (NCC-1701) once encountered a form of life resembling a viral organism, though even larger than an Eclipse-class star destroyer.

Through simple experimentation, and the use of nanotechnology robots called nanites, Section 31 has crafted a weapon more than capable of taking care of “Force sensitives”.  These nanites are capable or rapid reproduction, creating replicas of themselves out of surrounding materials at the atomic level, and can be programmed to attack and destroy midi-chlorians.  Used as an NBC (Nuclear/Biological/Chemical) weapon against Jedi, this has proven quite effective in completely and permanently eliminating any and all Force sensitivity and other paranormal abilities.  Additionally, this is a virtually undetectable weapon.  Operatives involved in testing this new weapon did so on 2 Jedi that had survived the Great Purge, following the so-called Clone Wars, preceding the institution of the “Galactic” Empire.  Both had fairly high midi-chlorian counts, and both were rendered completely neutral within 10 hours.  Another test was conducted on a younger Jedi, captured from Yuuzhan Vong agents that had intended to kill the man.  The nanites were successful in eliminating any and all traces of Force powers from the young man in less than 8 hours.  Alternately, through virological sciences available to the United Federation of Planets, we have also found how to radically increase the counts of any Jedi’s midi-chlorian level, indefinitely, making him or her extremely powerful.  Through experimentation on captured Yuuzhan Vong and Hutts, we have been able to genetically engineer them, not only to lose their resistance to midi-chlorian growth, but to have bodies that promote it.  These are simple techniques, and scientists, several years ago, developed children that were, quite literally, young Jedi, themselves at Darwin Station.

Darwin Genetic Research Station.  Federation science facility located on planet Gagarin IV, headed by Dr. Sara Kingsley.  In the late 2350s and 2360s, a research project at the Darwin Station developed human children who had an aggressive immune system, capable of attacking disease organisms before they entered a human body.  The children’s antibodies were also capable of attacking human beings, a fact not discovered until 2365, when the entire crew of the U.S.S. Lantree was killed after exposure to the children.  The scientific staff of the Darwin Station were also afflicted by the antibodies and suffered symptoms resembling hyperaccelerated aging, but a transporter-based technique was successful in restoring all station personnel to normal.

-The Star Trek Encyclopedia:  a Reference Guide to the Future (Updated & Expanded Edition), Darwin Genetic Research Station, pg.:  100.  Written by Michael Okuda and Denise Okuda, with Debbie Mirek.

  While the children did not receive their paranormal abilities from microbes (they were the result of intentional genetic engineering), they did clearly abilities not uncommon to Jedi, including telekinesis and telepathy.  More abilities were probably there, but not documented by the crew of the USS Enterprise-D (NCC-1701-D), Captain Jean-Luc Picard commanding.  This is just further evidence of the great disparity in biological sciences between the United Federation of Planets and the “Galactic” Empire/New Republic/Corporate Sector Authority.  In any event, however, Section 31 has always maintained a close eye on the Jedi and their counterparts, and stand ready to deploy this weapon against them, at a moment’s notice.  Should it become necessary, we could completely eradicate Luke Skywalker’s reconstituted Order of Jedi Knights within several days.  We even have plans in place to create agents that have the active immune system, programmed to eliminate the midi-chlorian from wherever they go.  Clearly, the Jedi cannot and will not pose a problem for the UFP Starfleet forces that begin the offensive, nor will they pose a problem for Section 31 field operatives.

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