Star Trek vs. Star Wars

What is the Purpose?

The sole purpose of these pages is to debate Star Wars vs. Star Trek on the premise of which side would win, in the event of a crossover and the breakout of hostilities. This site compares such things as levels of technology in many areas, logistics, tactics, etc. Basically, itís designed to be the counterpoint to the world-famous However, while is a pro-Star Wars site, this is a pro-Star Trek site, because, obviously, I believe that the Star Trek forces would win out. That site was designed by a mechanical engineer, this one by an electronics engineer, though Iíve only got an associates degree. Iíve also gone through the United States Army Military Police Corps, worked with SRT (the Special Reaction Team) and other departments within the MP Corps, and was stationed in the Republic of Panama, so I do have military knowledge and first-hand experience. Michael Wong (the mechanical engineer) is a very intelligent person, and to insure that my site has the standards that his does, I consult with the personnel at An extremely good site to visit and ask rational, scientific-based questions, staffed by scientists and engineers from around the world with expertise in virtually every field. Visit it. Itís fun. (If you like that sort of thing.)

Generally, on this site, I will be speaking as Luthor Sloan, the former Section 31 officer that mightíve lost his life due to the interference of Deep Space Nineís Chief Medical Officer and Chief of Operations. As opposed to going into political beliefs and why I harbor a grudge against them both, Iíll just say that heís alive and well, and working on plans with the rest of Section 31 and United Federation of Planets Starfleet forces OP-COM (under Operational Command) to him by contacts in Starfleet and the UFP Council. Various Section 31 field operatives have already invaded the Star Wars galaxy (which is in another plane of existence), and are gathering information. The character portrayed by Michael Wong on his site ( have I mentioned it, enough?) is an Imperial officer. This officer (which is referred to as the Tertiary Junior Adjutant to the 11th Assistant Deputy to the Undersecretary of the Analyst of Intelligence) is under direct Section 31 surveillance, and weíre basically reading his reports over his shoulder with surveillance devices, and taps into his computers, even seeing them as theyíre being written. What is written by Sloan is a critique of the junior adjutantís reports, and he is completely in disagreement and presenting his reasons as to why he disagrees. While there may be laughable tones, or even insults, this is only a game to me, and nothing more. Unlike Mike Wong, however, I will not mire myself in scientific principals, as modern day science and scientific theories have very little footing in the Star Trek/Star Wars universes. Hyperdrive, warp drive, subspace radio, etc. All things that we cannot explain in anything other than a realistic fashion, but make no mistake that our explanations are not, in all probability, realistic. Additionally, Michael Wong insists on portraying the Galactic Empire as this government that controls the entire galaxy, and all worlds, therein. Never at any time did the Empire rule the entire galaxy, and sticking to the books and movies, I will portray them as they are, currently, circa the New Jedi Order/post Endor Massacre (post-Battle of Endor). He also insists on creating characters like the mythological "Emperor Solo", which is one of the stupidest things Iíve ever heard. If this is a debate over technological prowess, such wishful thinking doesnít factor into it, anywhere. The UFP will be portrayed just as is, in the post-Voyager return era. The Galactic Empire/New Republic/Corporate Sector Authority forces will, as well. I donít need to artificially inflate the size of the United Federation of Planets & itís Starfleet to see a probable victory over the Star Wars forces, though, apparently, Wong isnít so confident in the forces he champions as being so supreme.

This site, for the most part, is presented in humorous overtones, due to the fact that this is a discussion of Star Wars versus Star Trek in a big, spectacular war, and who would win. This is not real science. It is science fiction, and anyone that attempts to bully others into falling in line and saying "this is physically possible, and that is not", can just kiss my ass. Attempting to intimidate others by citing dry books full of physical laws and droning on about how much more intelligent you are than other people, because you got a degree in something shows, precisely, that this is not the site for you, and you should go someplace else to read about this debate. I have no tolerance for people like you, and don't see myself developing any, anytime in the future. It is intended to entertain, though it is possible to learn a thing or two; however, if you really want to learn something, don't come here for knowledge, go to go to, where real scientists and real engineers are there to do just that: educate. While you're at it, either stay in school, or enroll. While some of the explanations are presented in a 'scientific fashion', that's all they are. Some may even be scientific, but, considering this is Star Wars & Star Trek, neither are bound to our limited understanding of our physical universe. Remember, not long ago, people considered flight impossible, tomatoes poisonous and mental illness a manifestation of signs of demonic possession. Now, with the new ignorance, we have people that decry that Christians are out to get them, and that people have to have everything their way. Sit down and shut the Hell up.

I say it, now, and will say it, again:  this is a site about two 
science fiction series, and that's that. I'm not going to go 
overboard and try making them too realistic, 
because I can't.

 That's the bottom line.

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