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The official Star Trek site can be found at:

The Tiverton Astronomy Society

Bad Astronomy 

Useful Publications 

Visit Scientific American at

Visit New Scientist at

Visit Science at (subscription required)

Visit Nature at (subscription required)

Visit The American Institute of Physics Online Bulletins 



Visit the Fermilab homepage at

Visit the NASA homepage at

Visit the CERN homepage 

Visit the Russian Space Agency 

Visit National Space Agency of Japan 


Reference (For further information)

Relativity usenet FAQ 

Astrophysics Usenet FAQ 

Yahoo Directory for Quantum Computing 

Yahoo Directory for Quantum Teleportation 

Yahoo Directory for Physicists 

Biographies of Scientists (physics bias) 

Albert Einstein Online 

Introduction to kinematics 

Equations and Constants Lists 

Fundamental Physical Constants 

USGS This Dynamic Earth (introductory geoscience)

SI prefix reference 

Research Groups

MIT Space Plasma Group 

Super-Kamiokande US Collaboration Site (Largest neutrino detector, joint Japanese/American venture)

AMANDA (Antarctic Muon and Neutrino Detector Array) (Antarctic monitoring of neutrinos)

Radio Ice Cerenkov Experiment (RICE) (Research into neutrino and high energy emissions from AGNs)

Caltech Submillimeter Observatory (Radio observatory on Mauna Kea) 

Astrophysics Data Facility Goddard Space Flight Center 

COBE homepage 

The MACHO project 

Centers for Optical Astronomy 

Specific Reference (for further reading)

The Satellite Terms and Definitions Page 

Planetary Geological Mapping 

Volcano World 

The Electronic Journal of Differential Equations 

The Globular Cluster Page 

Complete Listing of Nobel Prize in Physics 1901- 1999 

The History of Mathematics 

Yahoo Directory of Astronomers 

Voyager Project Homepage 

The work of Stephen Hawking 


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