The Science in Science Fiction

A Guide to the Physics Governing the Star Trek Series.

Section 1:
Space Phenomenon
1.9.1 Population III
1.9.2 Extreme Population II
1.9.3 Intermediate Population II
1.9.4 Intermediate Population I
1.9.5 Extreme Population I
1.10.1 Birth and Evolution of a Star
1.10.2 Movement off the Main Sequence, the Death of a Star
1.10.3 Planetary Classification     Planetary Exploration Mercury     Planetary Exploration Venus     Planetary Exploration Moon     Planetary Exploration Mars     Planetary Exploration Jupiter     Planetary Exploration Saturn     Planetary Exploration Uranus     Planetary Exploration Neptune     Planetary Exploration Pluto   Planetary Classification Comets

1.11.1 Basic Matter Definitions
1.11.2 Mirror Matter  
1.11.3 Antimatter  
Section 2:
2.1.1 A Warp Field
2.1.2 Warping Space
2.1.3 What We Know About the Mechanics of Warp Drive.
2.1.4 Alternative Uses of Lowering Mass.
2.1.5 High Warp Speeds
2.1.6 High Speed Transportation
2.1.7 Alternative High Speed Propulsion
2.1.8 Alternative Low Speed Propulsion

2.2.1 Energy Requirement for Main Deflector

2.2.2 Energy Requirement for Structural Integrity Field

2.2.3 Energy Requirement for Shield Array

2.3.1 Tactical Systems (added 07/01/2000)
2.3.2 Personal Phasers  (added 05/02/200)
2.3.3 Photon Torpedo Yield  
2.4.1 Quantum Entanglement
2.4.2 Transporters

2.5.1 Galaxy Class Storage Capacity and Computational Speed

2.5.2 Cardassian Terok Nor and Uprated DS9 Storage Capacity

2.5.3 Intrepid Class and Support Vessel Storage Capacity

2.5.3 Defiant Class Storage Capacity

Section 3:
The Arrow of Time
Section 4:
Socio-political and Economic Development of Earth

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Other Topics To Be Explored

Do Klingons Have Tear ducts?
The Theory of Transwarp. (discussed under section 2.1.6)
Super-Novae and Trilithium Bombs.
Comets and Asteroids. (discussed under section 1.10.3)
Subspace Domains.
Gamma Ray Bursts (discussed under section 1.9)
Matter in the Universe and Cosmological Repulsion
Fundamental Forces of Nature

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