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All terms relating to the Star Trek franchise are the intellectual property of Paramount Pictures. As this site represents a work in progress there exists the possibility that uploaded material may not yet be referenced as thoroughly as would be legally acceptable. All referencing will be finished in due course. In the interim it is noted that work may be found from other texts in these internet pages. No plagiarism is intended and work here should not be verbatim from any other source; referencing will be completed soon. The work in progress status also relates to spelling and grammar errors which I hope to eliminate. Many uploaded pages notably Matter in the Universe remain incomplete.

All calculations are by myself using either standard scientific calculators or Microsoft Excel all graphs are drawn using this (Excel) program. The site its self was designed using Microsoft Front Page (97) and updated with FrontPage 20000.

Where possible terms used that have been taken from the Star Trek series are spell checked against either Okuda and Okuda 1997, Sternbach and Okuda 1991 or Zimmerman et al. 1998. Where this is not possible phonetics have been used to approximate the spellings. Examples include the term co-axial/quaxial from Bragga and Menosky 1998. As no accurate spelling could be found the word co-axial has been used, this web site recognises that this may not be correct.

With the Recent publication of Okuda et al. 1999, the updated encyclopedia allows better truthing for spellings. Coaxial Drive can now be verified; however, the continued production of Voyager means the principle of approximated spelling still holds. This site will continue to use approximations where no correct answer is forthcoming and readers are asked to understand and to also be cautious of these possible errors.

Any and all questions and comments are welcome to: Martin Whiteside

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