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"Was it intimidating to build a show in a universe where they fans know every single detail?"

it is, but as a fan, I know what they're going to think. I have to say,
even when they don't like something, I pretty much knew they weren't
going to like it ahead of time. People say, "Well, why don't you fix
it?" But see, it's not a matter of "that needs to be fixed" as much as
I know the tendencies of fans. I have to say, "I know that fans think
that this is the case, but this
is how it actually is." They need to go through a period of
understanding that. It's kind of like when I found out that Boba Fett
was a clone kid in Attack of the Clones;
I didn't know that. But as a fan, you have all these pre-conceived
notions about what he was or who he was. It's totally fair; Star Wars is a story that's gone on for 30-plus years and the fans feel very passionately about it; I
feel very passionately about it and so does my crew. I kind of enjoy
the back-and-forth; I feel it is your right as a fan to go
back-and-forth and say, "Hey!" Half the fun of Star Wars is debating it with other fans. They'll never admit to that but they love doing it."



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