Filoni at ComicBookMovie.com

"How involved is George? Dave goes on to say:

"(He's) very specific. He'll get down to a line. He and I will
change lines of dialog all the time. It's something that he's taught me
to do as a director, which I've never really done before. Constantly
with the attitude of making it better. When he writes dialog for
Anakin, it's Anakin, there is no doubt. And we do that all throughout
the process. He'll watch it in a rough form, a grey proxy animation. He
is super hands on. He'll cut things right down to the frame and insert
shots but it's all with an attitude of 'I have to be absorbing it, the
director has to be absorbing it, I have to maintain that feeling of
Stars Wars....If (George) has an idea that's already been explored in
the expanded universe of comics and novels, I'll bring it up and kind
of refresh him on what that was and at that point we'll make a decision
on whether to go around or alongside it..."



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