TCW Season 2 Panel - Filoni Quote

"Filoni on continuity and Expanded Universe: “When we’re developing
story ideas and George comes to me with ideas — he has tons of them —
if there’s something I know crosses over with material that’s been
explored with the Expanded Universe of Star Wars then I will
bring that up and kind of refresh him on what it was. At that point
we’ll make a decision on our storytelling on whether that material is
going to be included or if it will just be touched upon or if we’ll
just kind of go around it or alongside it. So it’s always kind of a
balance of needing to tell the best story possible and trying to pay a
lot of respect to the creative people that work in the Expanded
Universe. Ultimately, though, this is George Lucas’ Star Wars. It’s his films and Star Wars exists best in the medium of visual storytelling, so we try to make that experience the best that we can in everything we do."

This is another statement of the type Filoni's made before, insofar as noting that he's trying to work the EU in all the time.  Here he seems to suggest that Lucas makes some decision on inclusion, though, which is new-ish.

Also, I would like to point out that I think TCW would be better if the girl doing the voice for Ahsoka were actually on screen reading the lines the whole time, 'cause she looks pretty cute in the pictures with the article.   Just sayin'.


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