Filoni and MTV

MTV Movieblog interview with Filoni, again reiterating how involved Lucas is and the treatment of EU 'facts' as optional:

The fear with anything Lucas involves himself with -- he's always said that his word is gospel as far as the franchise goes -- is that something fundamental in the EU, something that fans love, runs the risk of being changed in some way.

"Obviously [George is] aware of the EU," Filoni said. "He is the creator of the universe for 'Star Wars' and he's got things he wants to do. We discuss a lot of the different characters and whatnot in the EU and it's really 'are we going to do that?' It's the same way the [new trilogy was] made. It's not really beholden to [the EU], but it's always considered."


Lucas on the Daily Show

I couldn't let this pass without a mention:

"[...] I love doing Star Wars.  At the beginning I thought it was gonna be one little movie, move on . . . it's not at all what I expected my life to be."

- Lucas on the Jan 5 2010 "The Daily Show"

12, 9, 6, 3, 1 . . . can I hear 15?   18?   2?   64?



Working on a new version of the Canon Wars site as I test out a different content management system. 

It's a lot of work, but by the end of it some things should be easier.  

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EU Completist Poodoo

Some EU Completists have, in desperation, apparently resorted to outright lies.

In a recent blog, I noted that I needed to find the Heir to the Empire inside flap blurb because someone on ForceCast referred to it has having a quote that might be noteworthy in reference to canon stuff.   I came across it (I thought) the other day.

Quoting from the forums at DarkHorse.com, as quoted from Wookieepedia:
Here is the science fiction publishing event of the year: the exciting continuation of the legendary Star Wars saga. Picking up where the movie trilogy left off, Heir to the Empire reveals the tumultuous events that take place after the most popular series in motion-picture history—masterfully told by Hugo Award-winning author Timothy Zahn.


The three Star Wars films form a spectacular saga of bold imaginations and high adventure. But the stories of its characters did not end there. Now for the first time, Lucasfilm Ltd., producer of the Star Wars movies, has authorized the continuation of this beloved story. In an astounding three-book cycle, Timothy Zahn continues the tale of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and the other characters made world famous by Star Wars, as he brilliantly expands upon George Lucas's stunning vision, "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away."

Heir to the Empire, Lucas's authorized canon sequel, begins five years after the end of Return of the Jedi {...}  The tale that emerges is a towering epic of action, invention, mystery, and spectacle on a galactic scale—in short, a story that is worthy of the name Star Wars.
"Egad", a purist might say, "Lucas's authorized canon sequel!?!?!?"

But that purist would be wrong.   I found it odd that I'd never heard that quote before, what with my whole exhaustive research thing going on.  Heir to the Empire was from 1991, after all, which would mean that I and every EU Completist I've dealt with had been missing it basically the whole time.

And, of course, I found the quote odd anyway.  At best it was an inadvertent misrepresentation . . . at worst, a dead quote.

But then the truth came to light.

It turned out that this quotation was a complete fabrication, a tweaked version of the original. 

Here is the original:

Huh . . . nothing about Lucas authorizing anything or anything being canon at all.

I'm very curious to know who falsified that . . . I'll skim through the Wookieepedia history when I have time. But for now, the point is moot. 

Desperation, along with fear, is a path to the Dark Side, it seems, but this example of wicked deception has been defeated.

Hat tip and thanks to Weechee of the DarkHorse.com forums, who originally posted that flap scan.


Filoni at ComicBookMovie.com

"How involved is George? Dave goes on to say:

"(He's) very specific. He'll get down to a line. He and I will
change lines of dialog all the time. It's something that he's taught me
to do as a director, which I've never really done before. Constantly
with the attitude of making it better. When he writes dialog for
Anakin, it's Anakin, there is no doubt. And we do that all throughout
the process. He'll watch it in a rough form, a grey proxy animation. He
is super hands on. He'll cut things right down to the frame and insert
shots but it's all with an attitude of 'I have to be absorbing it, the
director has to be absorbing it, I have to maintain that feeling of
Stars Wars....If (George) has an idea that's already been explored in
the expanded universe of comics and novels, I'll bring it up and kind
of refresh him on what that was and at that point we'll make a decision
on whether to go around or alongside it..."


Filoni at Dose.ca

"Was it intimidating to build a show in a universe where they fans know every single detail?"

it is, but as a fan, I know what they're going to think. I have to say,
even when they don't like something, I pretty much knew they weren't
going to like it ahead of time. People say, "Well, why don't you fix
it?" But see, it's not a matter of "that needs to be fixed" as much as
I know the tendencies of fans. I have to say, "I know that fans think
that this is the case, but this
is how it actually is." They need to go through a period of
understanding that. It's kind of like when I found out that Boba Fett
was a clone kid in Attack of the Clones;
I didn't know that. But as a fan, you have all these pre-conceived
notions about what he was or who he was. It's totally fair; Star Wars is a story that's gone on for 30-plus years and the fans feel very passionately about it; I
feel very passionately about it and so does my crew. I kind of enjoy
the back-and-forth; I feel it is your right as a fan to go
back-and-forth and say, "Hey!" Half the fun of Star Wars is debating it with other fans. They'll never admit to that but they love doing it."



Page Update

Shocked?  Me too.

But I've finally done an update to a page, but alas it was only to the Star Wars canon policy quote list.  And even then only the chronological one.  But it's a step.

Older Lucas Quote on TCW

Found an older Lucas quote the other day regarding The Clone Wars:

“This is a project we have been working on since the end of Revenge of the Sith, I have worked with animation before in film school and with The Land Before Time… I just felt it was time to explore that medium, and at the same time be able to explore a part of the Star Wars
[universe] that is so vast, that you can’t only deal with the Luke
Skywalker saga and the Anakin Skywalker saga, you get to deal with, in
the new shows, the minutiae of the Clone Wars, which has a built in

   - George Lucas, Flannelled One, Apr. 2008, "George Lucas Talks ‘Clone Wars’", Alex Weprin, BroadcastingCable.com



TCW Season 2 Panel - Filoni Quote

"Filoni on continuity and Expanded Universe: “When we’re developing
story ideas and George comes to me with ideas — he has tons of them —
if there’s something I know crosses over with material that’s been
explored with the Expanded Universe of Star Wars then I will
bring that up and kind of refresh him on what it was. At that point
we’ll make a decision on our storytelling on whether that material is
going to be included or if it will just be touched upon or if we’ll
just kind of go around it or alongside it. So it’s always kind of a
balance of needing to tell the best story possible and trying to pay a
lot of respect to the creative people that work in the Expanded
Universe. Ultimately, though, this is George Lucas’ Star Wars. It’s his films and Star Wars exists best in the medium of visual storytelling, so we try to make that experience the best that we can in everything we do."

This is another statement of the type Filoni's made before, insofar as noting that he's trying to work the EU in all the time.  Here he seems to suggest that Lucas makes some decision on inclusion, though, which is new-ish.

Also, I would like to point out that I think TCW would be better if the girl doing the voice for Ahsoka were actually on screen reading the lines the whole time, 'cause she looks pretty cute in the pictures with the article.   Just sayin'.


More Henry Gilroy, plus Dave Filoni

Pretty sure this is old, but whatever.   Choice Quotes:

Henry: George gave Dave and I a lot of freedom and he didn’t want us to be limited by what the EU had established.


This series at least to George is NOT EU, it is a part of Star Wars
as he sees it. I think if anything there was a period where Henry and I
had to learn exactly what it took to be a part of George Lucas’ Star
Wars, and tell the Star Wars story his way. We had to learn how to look
at the Galaxy from his point of view and let go of some of what we
considered canon after we found out the ideas were only EU. Really we
had to “unlearn what we had learned” and go back to the movies as the
defining source material.


Even now, I look at the stories I’m working on and add elements to
connect them to aspects of the EU to tie it all together when it makes


I once pitched George the idea that Plo had a parachute and that he
bailed out of his fighter before it crashed. Then George said he would
only continue the scene and make Plo’s death more painful, I think his
parachute was going to catch fire and he falls on something sharp.

Gilroy and Filoni:

Henry: When I started writing the show bible, George said, “Stay
away from Han, Chewie, Boba Fett and Jabba.” Well... George changed his
mind about Jabba at the very next meeting. George also said, “And don’t
go to any of the planets I went to in the films.” Then eight months
later he changed his mind, “Let’s go to ‘DELETED’. What if there’s a
secret Separatist base on ‘DELETED’?” So let’s just say we’ll see some
familiar Star Wars places besides Tatooine. Lots more cool new planets
though. George gave us a tremendous amount of freedom on the show.

Dave: George is always good at listening to ideas. He does pitch us
every story now and gives us rather detailed outlines. In first season,
it was a little different, but now a lot of the time George will come
in and say, “I want to do a story about ‘X’.” Now the part you are all
interested in — if what he pitches includes areas that are covered in
the EU — this is my only real chance to get the EU material in on the
ground floor of the story, right at the beginning, when George presents
his idea. I will bring up ideas that are similar in the EU, or talk
about how that particular group of characters already has a backstory.
Sometimes I would print out whole Wookiepedia entries and show it to
him, but now I use the big official encyclopedia set. In the end it is
up to George whether it counts or not and that’s his right as the
creator of the Star Wars Universe.

More here.